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We will be CLOSED Wednesday Nov. 26th,
Thursday Nov 27th, & Friday Nov 28th for Thanksgiving.
We will reopen December 1st.
all orders placed after 3:00pm EST Tuesday will be shipped December 1st.

Please Note: We are in the progress of some online ordering changes. Our purpose for these changes is to hopefully make it less confusing when placing orders. Thank you for your patience.

On most items the minimums have not changed, only the way it is read online. Instead of seeing in the description "price for 5 pack" it now shows the individual price but requires the item to be bought in multiples of 5, (the total price should still be the same in the end!).


BW78964 Clearance #9 Brushed Gold Edge Hunter Green
Guest Price: $10.49
Sale Price: $6.55
You save$3.94!
BET35055 24" Burgundy Flower
Guest Price: $5.00
Sale Price: $2.30
You save$2.70!
HWCME25 3/16" Metallic Embossed Forest Green Ribbon
Guest Price: $4.15
Sale Price: $3.11
You save$1.04!
BW78913 Clearance Brushed Sheers Red
Guest Price: $10.49
Sale Price: $6.55
You save$3.94!
BET86836 18" Thanksgiving Damask Holographic
Guest Price: $2.00
Sale Price: $0.87
You save$1.13!

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